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Primary Research@ FarmX

What are the plights Indian farmers face in different states of India?

March 30, 2021

This report aims to investigate the gravest issues that farmers in FarmX’s immediate community face and farmers in different states in India. This report is primarily based on interviews and secondary sources. This report is a bid to amplify the voices of farmers in different states of India and cognise what farmers themselves think about the plights they face.

How aware are Indians about the plights farmers face in India?

March 1, 2021

We asked 413 respondents from 6 continents 6 questions and analysed the results using data analysis on Python. Our questions were based on a multitude number of topics. We assiduously scrutinized every response and made inference based upon them. Our aim with report was to gauge an understanding of the knowledge people possess regarding the plights of farmers in India and if there is a need to spread awareness about the plight farmers face in India.

We aim to raise awareness about the plights that farmers face today.

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