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We aim to raise awareness about the plights that farmers face today


Being brought up in India, an agrarian nation has indubitably played a paramount role in our decision of choosing agriculture as our topic. Routinely, we hear about the economic, political and social issues farmers face. We hear about new policies aimed to help farmers, large charitable organizations who’s gestures have allegedly been transformational for farmers yet the statistics and farmers themselves tell us a contrasting story. Moreover, what set this topic apart from all the others was the fact that like us this topic is close to the hearts of myriad ergo we would be able to reach and impact a large amount of people. Therefore, through this project we decided that we wanted to raise awareness regarding this their issues and bring to light the facts and opinions from all the stakeholders we could contact so that the people we are able to reach can truly understand the gravity of this issue which is evidently an indispensable part of India.


“We envisage raising awareness regarding the plights rural farmers routinely face as well as means through which they overcome them”

Our primary ambition is to reach as many as individuals as individuals possible in order to educate people about the perils of being a farmer today and means through which these problems can be remedied. We intend to collate and scrutinize perspectives from the myriad stakeholders of this locus in order to augment our understanding of the topic as well as the validity of our initiative.


We intend to interact with the maximum amount of stakeholders we can in order to obtain a multitude of different perspectives. Moreover, through secondary as well as primary means we intend to collate data and analyze it in depth in order to obtain a vivid picture of the actual issues farmers face and portray them to our readers and viewers in comprehensible ways. Furthermore, we envisage interacting with people from various different socio-economic, regional, cultural groups as well as different nations and industries so that we can see this issue from a multitude number of lenses in-order to gain a better understanding on the magnitude of issues farmers in India face today.